Future Areas Charter

The charter of the Future Areas network organisation is based on 9 objectives to which each member adheres. As a privately funded company, we are free from ideology and are not linked to any other organisation.

Our belief

We believe in transformation towards a sustainable future. We believe that,

as a digitally/analogically networked organisation, that we can successfully achieve this goal together with our members, cooperation and network partners, regional management, executive management and a committed Board of Directors.

By networking the best people, companies and organisations at all levels, we are promoting a sustainable circular economy with enormous development potential.

We bring together stakeholders, business, education and research, creating attractive jobs for skilled employees and entrepreneurs who stand out from the rest of the market thanks to their qualifications and capacity for innovation.

Thanks to these conditions, all the stakeholders in Future Areas can work together to shape the future responsibly and reliably.

We have summarised our conviction in the following 9 objectives:

1. Vision

We want to design and preserve high-quality living spaces that respect nature and take full care of our well-being, our health and our living environment. Future Areas sets new economic standards for the future.

2. Scope of action

Designing, operating and developing building, civil engineering, infrastructure and the environment as a unit for a sustainable and socially viable future in a circular economy model - this is the scope of action, starting with the members, cooperation and network partners of Future Areas. Our cooperative way of thinking and acting is subject to the collective interest of society as a whole.

3. Building culture

A high standard of building culture is characterised by ethical thinking and action, as well as training, innovation and knowledge, responsibility and reliability, with the understanding that the property developed over generations can be passed on safely to the future. Building culture encompasses the built environment in building and civil engineering, the infrastructure and the natural environment as a whole. Indissociable as a unit, it brings together the living space and all the needs of a society, developed in the past for the future.

(Reference: Davos Declaration, Conference of Ministers of Culture).

4. network

Members, cooperation and network partners, welcomed by recommendation, form the Futur Areas community, which contributes to and embodies a new high-level construction culture. Digitally connected, personal and regionally rooted, it continually advances its construction, civil engineering, infrastructure and environmental projects, with a commitment to its values.

5. Economy

Thanks to calls for tender for projects and services, and to the capital invested on a long-term basis by the affiliated pension funds and financial institutions, the members, cooperation and network partners carry out exemplary projects that benefit society. Reliable, responsible and liberal circular economic performance forms the basis for successful and resource-conserving economic results.

6. Sustainability

Let's work together to achieve visionary sustainability that will make the lives of future generations worth living.

7. Promotion

Together with our cooperation partners, we promote the training, development, knowledge and innovation of Future Areas members.

In collaboration with training institutes, process specialists, research and various innovation engines (think tanks), Future Areas members have access to current knowledge and future developments.

Innovations are rewarded and implemented in business and society.

8. society & environment

By realising our vision, society flourishes, in harmony with the environment, towards a new future that is liveable, sustainable and real. The environment benefits from the collective thought and action of all those involved, providing a healthy basis for individual fulfilment.

9. Values

Our humanist values are based on honesty and trust, solidarity, esteem and respect for all individuals. These values are compatible with performance, productivity and a society geared towards sustainable development, which builds its future responsibly.

The members, cooperation and network partners, Board of Directors, management and employees adhere to these values and share the conviction of Charter 2023.


A final word

By signing and publishing this charter, we affirm our commitment to

  • defend our responsibility, ethical thinking and action
  • promote a strong circular economy, projects, education and innovation.
  • to integrate recognised individuals, companies and organisations into our network.
  • responsibly involve professionals and future generations in the objectives of Future Areas
  • build a sustainable future for future generations.

With conviction, commitment and values, together we will achieve a high culture of the built environment, society, our living space and our common future.

Zurich, June 2023

Board of Directors and Management
of Future Areas,
Etalco AG