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All service providers that are part of the 360° value chain in above-ground and below-ground construction – covering all aspects of property, infrastructure and environmental projects.

Providers in the areas of development, planning, construction, equipment, utilisation and demolition, as well as the complementary industries.

Private, public, and institutional builders and owners, as well as active and passive sustaining members.

The network aims to cover reference (rated) direct and indirect services along the 360° value chain. Members sharpen their competitive edge by attending workshops, training courses and events and by sharing relevant information and data.

Project requests and the recruitment of talent, expertise, successors and assets give the network members access to new opportunities.

Members are therefore able to consolidate their market position at the same time. Our members are reference companies and specialists in their respective fields, whose services always complement each other in terms of quality and reliability, enabling the cooperative network to attain significant relevance.

Future Areas represents all the specialised fields across the board throughout the entire life cycles of property, infrastructure and environmental projects:

  • As a digital platform, it makes it easier to find projects, project requests and service providers, as well as specific resources and assets.
  • As an analogue platform, it enables members to strengthen their market position by attending workshops, training courses and information events, and by sharing knowledge directly.

The reference network, including its partnerships, is supported by the competent network members and their business areas, with regional offices ensuring nationwide representation.

When you join Future Areas as a member, you become part of a productive and clean tech-oriented construction industry. The platform facilitates collaboration between network members in all areas and at all levels:

  • Service providers are given the opportunity to participate in the projects and services that are posted in the network or to request bids, products and supplies themselves.
  • Builders, owners, investors and authorities gain access to qualified reference companies along the entire value chain, all of whom stand for reliability and quality.
  • Specialised companies and specialists gain exclusive access to clients, suppliers and various offers. You get the opportunity to offer your specific services effectively.
  • High-quality events are staged for all network members, giving them access to invaluable special knowledge.

As a supra-regionally active organisational unit, Future Areas preserves the four national languages.

It preserves them in a cultural, social and economic sense, acting with a strong sense of self while also preserving interests and expectations through its local and regional understanding. Solidarity and equal opportunities – Future Areas draws on these features of federalism to play its part.

The network offers each builder or investor the highest level of transparency and efficient access to the reference service providers across the country.

The decision-making process is made much easier – from initial contact to order completion.

The referenced (rated) members guarantee exceptional reliability and optimum quality within the parameters defined by the builder and the investor.

Furthermore, the regional offices of Future Areas make it possible to get in touch with specialist consultants and intermediaries.

The network enables architects and builders to evaluate reference service providers in all regions with a minimum of fuss, safe in the knowledge that these providers have a track record of delivering quality and reliability. As a client, the straightforward online process allows you to select providers based on the criteria you have defined and then directly invite them to submit an offer.

As a service provider, you reply directly to the requests using a simple, digitalised process. Should you have any queries or require clarification, the regional representatives of Future Areas will be happy to advise you.

All requests should aim to meet high sustainability standards. There are no restrictions in terms of project and scope. The regional representatives of Future Areas are on hand to provide any advice you may need.

Every member is welcome to suggest event, workshop and blog topics.
Whether you would like to contribute topics or hold your own workshop on a specialist topic in your region, we will be happy to support you. Send your request to and we will get back to you.
As a nationwide network in Switzerland, Future Areas thus promotes and strengthens supra-regional knowledge exchange and personal contact among its members.

The quality of the network lies in the proven expertise of its specialists and companies rather than the number of members it has.

The network is managed by specialist staff through the regional contact points. These regional representatives of Future Areas are the personal contacts who look after the members and their individual needs. Following a collaboration, the members give each other a reference, or rating, which is only visible to them. In addition, Future Areas network members are given the opportunity to further improve their services by attending workshops and personal coaching sessions, supported by process specialists, and to have their services accredited by means of audits.

Based on an internal rating system, members of Future Areas rate the results and experiences of their collaboration by awarding 1 to 6 stars. Only network members are able to see these ratings. If the ratings reach a critically low level, Future Areas conducts internal quality audits in order to define and implement targeted improvement measures.

You become a member by registering on the platform, answering the questions and accepting the membership regulations.

Your membership will be activated automatically once you have paid the annual membership fee.

The revenues are used to further improve network expertise, organisation, platform operation and knowledge transfer.

There is an emphasis on continuing to strengthen the entire value chain throughout the Future Areas network.

The annual fees are listed in the membership regulations on page 6.

Future Areas does not receive any commission from the business activities of its network members.

Aside from the annual membership fee, additional chargeable services are shown transparently.

The members are distinguishable by their expertise, their skills and their embracing of the sustainable values upheld by Future Areas.

With their entrepreneurial mindset and mindfulness, their inspiration and their sophisticated imaginations, Future Areas members collectively do their bit for the construction industry.